Minimalizing Installed Apps

So this past week, I started working on uninstalling several apps and programs and replacing them with sandboxed web apps. On my phone, I replaced the apps for Tusky and American Express with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). So instead of installing new software and letting it have free reign, it is run through my web browser instead. Apparently, the GrapheneOS fork of Chromium is extremely strong at this particular sandboxing. The apps don't get access to any system processes since they are run in the browser. An added bonus to finding out how to do this is I was able to add apps that were otherwise unavailable because of the lack of Google Play Services. I was even able to make a shortcut for which was really neat since an app doesn't exist in the first place!

I've also started doing the same thing on my laptop. I know it can be viewed as a glorified bookmark, but I enjoy it as a separate window. I've started using Discord and Slack this way without any issues. One added benefit on the laptop is that I'm saving extra resources since it's all lumped into the Chromium processes.

#100daystooffload #dayfiftyfive #privacy