New TV

So the other day, I went to get groceries at the local Sam's Club with my dad. While we were walking around, I noticed there was a TV on clearance: a 65” Samsung for $210. My dad immediately scooped it up for his bedroom. Well, it ended up not working out for his bedroom, so it's going in my game room for the time being.

Holy moly, this TV is huge in that room. It feels like it takes up the entire wall. It's an upgrade from the 49” TV my mom gifted me. The screen quality is perfectly acceptable for me at this time. The main drawback is it only has 2 HDMI inputs. I have several consoles to hook up, and I really dislike swapping cables around if I want to play something else.

The original solution I came up with was I would need to buy a receiver. I found one that I knew would work without compromising on loss of quality. I was just going to have to save up $600 to get it. I ended up talking with a friend way more familiar with gaming AV stuff, and he suggested I save some money and get a thing called an HDMI matrix. I'd never heard of it, but it's essentially a receiver without all the bells and whistles to do surround sound and whatnot. So I dropped $50 to get a used one on Ebay that should fit in nicely with my setup.

With the money saved, I think I'll end up getting an OSSC and another Raspberry Pi. I'll still wind up under my initial budget, and I'll have an even better setup. Stay tuned for updates :)

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