Quick Updates

Got the plat in dark souls. The end was driving me bonkers if my last post didn't make it obvious. But I'm happy to say that I did it in 3 weeks, which might be a personal record for a FromSoft game (I'd have to look back at Sekiro). Not sure what game I will focus on next, but I've got tons of options.

In the meantime, I helped a friend flash GrapheneOS onto their phone and they're going to hook my raspberrypi up with pihole. It will be nice to easily avoid ads when using different browsers/devices. I've got my laptop set for the job, but only on one browser.

This week I'm going to reset my Linux partition. I didn't allocate enough space, and I'm struggling finding a good guide to add to the partition. I don't have any files saved, so I won't have to spend too long to get back to normal. I may try a different distribution just to see if I notice the differences that much.

That's all for now, though. Take it easy, friends.

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