Two for the price of one

And here you thought there was only going to be the post from this morning. I wanted to go ahead and write about my current experience with installing #Linux. It was on my agenda for the weekend and I finally took the dive. My goal was to install #Debian, since I was getting more familiar with it after toying in Raspbian.

Unfortunately, the installation wasn't as smooth as I would have hoped. First off, I was having issues getting into the BIOS on my laptop. I managed to figure it out after several attempts and started booting from the flash drive. Once loaded in, I started the installer, but it didn't give me access to my mouse. After that it gave me a message that it couldn't add my network card drivers. And after skipping that, it wasn't able to see my SSD as an install location.

After several searches on the internet, I managed to figure out the SSD install location. I ran through the rest of the installer, but unfortunately, it crippled the installation. I only have access to a terminal when booting up. No GUI. That's definitely not going to work out. And at the same time, I accidentally locked up my Windows instance.

One of the changes I had to make to get the SSD to work involved me setting my laptop to boot into safemode. I forgot my administrator password. I didn't think it would be different from my general login, but alas, I was wrong. I had to fish out a second flash drive to install a Windows 10 disc. This allowed me to pull up the command line and clear the safemode flag.

And here we are now. I sort of have Debian installed (but majorly crippled). I can still use my laptop normally. But I've still got a ways to go before I'm finally 'done'. Maybe next weekend I'll get it.