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The other day, I took the plunge and removed Windows from my laptop. Since I installed Linux, I've used it nearly unanimously. The only time I would switch back to Windows was when I needed to use Excel. That did not justify it staying on my system and taking up space. So, I copied all of the files from my user account and deleted it. I installed Windows on a Virtual Machine in case I ever needed to use Excel or any other Windows exclusive software.

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Between work, volunteering, and socializing, I'm getting super drained of energy. Unwinding doesn't feel like unwinding. I'm in need of a literal vacation.

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I've had two bad habits pretty much my entire life: trichotillomania (pulling out hairs) and peeling the skin off my lips. There are times when I can go a few days without issues, but then there are days where I'm in a trance for hours on end. Today is one of those days. I can't wait to get electrolysis to at least alleviate the first one. It is a big priority for me at this point.

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This weekend is one of the many lazy weekends I've had the past few months. Since covid hit, I haven't really been able to go out and do much of anything on the weekends. So it's been all about staying at home and playing games. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's not fulfilling in any way. I should probably pick up some form of exercising again. I bet that would help.

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Something that's been important to me for as long as I can remember is keeping my accessories clean. Having to use other's dirty controllers made me not want to play games at all. So nowadays I have regular cleaning days for my things: controllers, keyboard, screens, surfaces. I personally prefer deep cleaning as well and try to take things apart as much as possible and soak the plastics. It's nice knowing everything will last longer as well. Give it a shot sometime and appreciate your stuff being 'like new' again.

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So yesterday I spent a little bit of time writing a draft for a bigger post. I have the next few days off, and I wrote down several topics to write about, so I should get a backlog together. Sorry this is more of a meta post today, but it's better than no post! Catch ya later.

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Man I'm feeling good. I've got a snowball building up and it's looking to be a good July. I got an amazing deal on a PS4 pro that I'm picking up tomorrow, in 3 weeks I'll have my last loan paid off, and after that, we start rolling into a busy season at work. It's been on my mind all weekend (as well as Borderlands 3, but that will be a big post in the near future).

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FUCK PvP in games. I'm trying to get items to get the platinum trophy in Dark Souls 3 and I'm ready to break my controller. I'm just absolute garbage at it, but the alternative is farming 50 items at a 1% drop rate per run. I'm trying to alternate between them but I die like 800000 times before having one successful invasion. At least with the grind I'm not absolutely disgusted with myself and the game. God. Fuck this.

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God RNG grinds in games suck. I'm at the very end of my Dark Souls 3 journey, and I'm having to farm specific NPCs over and over and over and over again. I'm going to go crazy now. I didn't think the rates would be this bad.

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I was trying to move to Minneapolis a few years ago. If those plans went through, I'd do whatever I could to help the protestors. America is a fuck. I hope change is brought about. The walls are shaking more and more. Class consciousness is growing.

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