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Apologies for the break between posts. Fortunately, work has picked up, which is great. In addition, I was nominated for a chair in a local organization I've been volunteering for. The Minecraft server also took up a lot of energy that I wasn't expecting. Luckily, it's settled down and is at a point where I can sit back and enjoy it. I've got a new website project in my mind as well: updating the site to have a static home page and turning the blog into a subdomain.

We're halfway through the 100daystooffload as well now. In retrospect, I should focus more on the DAYS to offload, rather than 100 posts. I need a bit of a fire to my feet sometimes to get me moving. I'll try to keep it up for the next little bit.

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Last Thursday, I managed to get my dad to do some couch gaming with me. As much as I would have liked to do that more when I was younger, it just never happened. I can tell my dad would struggle playing the same 3D adventure games that I like to play. One game that he did like from the early 90s was Star Fox for the SNES. As far as in the present day, he's definitely not going to pick up gaming as a hobby, but it's a nice way for us to spend time together.


Yesterday marks the day I paid off my last loan; nearly $20,000 paid off in four years. I celebrated last night, since I have been looking forward to this day for so long. As mentioned in a previous post, my main goal was to gain the freedom to decide how to use my money.


Earlier today I noticed that has their own series of writing prompts that get updated weekly found here. Anyone can make a submission from that link, so if you want to join in, go on ahead. No cost and no risk.


So I got a kitten about 8 months ago, and I couldn't be happier as a cat mom. She's kind of a brat a lot of the time, but I think she'll grow out of it. Lately she's become a bit more mellow and likes napping and cuddling up with me which is like, exactly what I like in cats. But she's still got a lot of spunk and energy to burn off, which keeps me up at night sometimes.


I LOVE puzzles. As I mentioned last night, I got a Megaminx cube as a gift for my birthday. I have multiple Rubik's cubes (2x2, 3x3, mirror cube, void cube, 4x4). But this is my first not-cube cube.


Was good. Spent time with family. Got a few nice gifts including a Megaminx cube. Sleepy now. Longer post tomorrow.

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